The Mutual Aid Podcast

Real-life stories of people using collaborative economics to grow mutual aid societies for ecological and cultural survival around the globe.

In this inaugural episode of the Mutual Aid Podcast, Zev Friedman (founder and host) and Debra Penberthy (producer) discuss the history of mutual aid societies, an ancient method whereby communities have organized to solve societal problems that are beyond the capabilities of the family or village.  We discuss current efforts to establish a new generation of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) ( that address our most pressing current needs, such as climate change and healthcare access.  We introduce Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANS), a new organization designed to unite all of the local aid networks into an international sharing economy.  Tammy Lea Meyer, a community advocate based in Vancouver, BC is interviewed as a teaser for her in-depth interview in episode two.  Here are the links mentioned in this episode.

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Cooperation Jackson:

Upstream podcast episode:

Southern Peoples Initiative:

Naomi Klein’s Next System Project:

Poshterity Budget:


Tammy Lea Meyer:

Global Challenges Collaboration:

Mutual Aid a Factor in Evolution (Wikipedia page on this):

Rising Appalachia (music contributor):

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